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Our accounting firm provide services that improve and complement the business of the client company. Provided services include:

• Keeping accounting records, accounting, tax returns, payroll calculations, cost and budget control, preparing annual accounts, invoicing
• Advice and consultation
• Education
• Business administration and management services

The accounting firm usually take care of keeping accounting records of their clients and prepare their annual accounts.
A survey conducted among the clients of accounting firms showed that companies are increasingly relying on external accounting services. Many companies purchase external services and typically need a variety of additional services besides the daily accounting work. Accounting firms handle all aspects of their client company´s financial administration.

Our accounting company is a company with prices that adapt to your needs. Every organization is unique. Our solution allows you to select and buy only the services you need. Our customized monthly fee also helps you avoid unnecessary and surprising extra charges. Choose a competent and effective partner to handle your financial administration – and you’ll get the most cost-effective solution. As our client you’ll save time, money and your nerves.

Financial management is costly? Not with Sigma-consulting.
Do you want to know more? Our staff will be happy to help you.

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